Protein Powder Chocolate by KOS – 1 Each, 13.75 OZ

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Size: 13.75 OZ
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Organic Pea Protein, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Alkalized Cocoa, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Inulin, Organic Acacia Gum, Organic Quinoa, Himalayan Salt, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Fruit And Veggie Blend (Organic Apple, Organic Carrot, Organic Cranberry, Organic Orange, Organic Broccoli, Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract, And Organic Tomato), Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein, Organic Monk Fruit Extract, Organic Chia Seed, Digestive Enzyme Blend (Amylases, Lact

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Delicious? Yes. Sustainably sourced? Of course! This proprietary formulation of plant-based protein is stuffed with essential nutrients and minerals‚ and dialed up the bioavailability with an “au natures” smattering of fancy enzymes. – All-in-one protein shake and complete multivitamin – Save time‚ money‚ and lose weight for good. – Decadent Chocolate Flavor (10 Servings). • Complete Protein to Fuel Your Day This USDA organic plant-based protein is delicious‚ additive-free‚ and a genuinely energy-packed addition to any lifestyle. The KOS formulation is an infusion of essential nutrients and minerals—but not the kind cooked up in a lab. This is energy produced naturally through sun‚ air‚ water and soil. Yeah. Plant energy. The foundation of the planet’s food chain. • Control Cravings for Weight Management You feel full‚ you stop eating. No rocket science there. The soluble fiber in plant protein gives you that “full” feeling for a longer period of time. You eat less but not at the expense of calories. • Responsibly Sourced & Artificial Ingredient-Free Nearly every ingredient is certified organic and therefore free of hormones‚ antibiotics‚ pesticides‚ artificial sweeteners‚ colors‚ and GMOs. These products are made in Southern California and ingredients are certified by the USDA and CCOF. • Organic Pea Protein Peas contain those branched chain amino acids that contribute to building muscle‚ burning fat‚ and repairing your exhausted clockworks after a strenuous workout. • Organic Flax Seed Protein Flax seed is one of the richest vegan sources of essential omega-3. This fatty acid with the science-fictional name is critical to weight management‚ retinal health‚ fetal development…omega-3 is a big deal‚ and Flax is an omega-3 kingpin. Flax is also high in soluble and insoluble fiber‚ low in carbs‚ maintains blood sugar levels‚ and helps digestion. • Organic Quinoa Protein Quinoa is nearly unique in the Plant Kindgom. Why? It is a “complete protein”‚ rare plant matter that contains all nine essential amino acids. Think of it as a cow you can toss into a salad. Packed with fiber‚ iron‚ magnesium‚ manganese—Quinoa is strangely potent. In fact‚ NASA is looking very closely at Quinoa as a Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS); a foodstuff for astronauts on long interplanetary flights. • Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein The seemingly unremarkable pumpkin seed is an incredibly useful thing for the body. Packed with protein‚ heart-helping magnesium‚ immune-boosting zinc‚ liver love‚ and the natural sleep-aid tryptophan – this jack-o’-lantern confetti is all things to all people. From prostate props to menopausal mitigation‚ the mighty pumpkin seed is a friend to both Mars and Venus. Carotenoids and vitamin E round out the miracle. • Organic Chia Seed Protein These crazily tiny seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids (those again)‚ fiber‚ antioxidants‚ iron‚ and calcium. Lean muscle mass? Check. Burning of excess fat? Check! Drop them into water and chia seeds soak up about 12 times their volume in a scant 10 minutes‚ producing a nutrient-packed gel that can stand in for eggs in vegan cooking. • Organic Cacao One of the richest sources of polyphenols and flavanols which have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies show that Cacao can improve nitric oxide levels in the blood‚ which can enhance vascular health and reduce blood pressure. • Organic Coconut Twice the iron and zinc of granulated sugar and rich in potassium‚ Coconut Sugar is produced from the sap of the coconut palm flower‚ and not from the plummeting nut known for knocking tourists unconscious. Coconut Sugar offers vitamin C‚ magnesium‚ calcium‚ and a variety of other nutrients. Plentiful in antioxidant phytonutients (naturally occurring plant-based anti-toxins) this tree-based sugar is a healthy alternative to processed sweeteners. • Organic Monk Fruit Monk Fruit is a sweetener harvested from Southeast Asia. Remove the seeds and skin and crush the fruit‚ and the resulting extract is‚ like Stevia‚ about 200 times sweeter than sugar. Monk Fruit is native to China‚ and has been used there as a medicinal remedy for centuries. Monk Fruit is known to contain super-antioxidants called mogrosides. • Organic Stevia (Whole Leaf) Derived from a South American plant of the same name‚ Stevia’s two main components are Stevioside and Rebaudioside A; and these are hundreds of times sweeter .

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  1. I was impressed by the product quality of the Chocolate Protein Powder. The shipping time was fast, and the customer support was helpful and responsive. A great experience all around.

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Protein Powder Chocolate by KOS – 1 Each, 13.75 OZ

85 in stock

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